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Bumping Into People

As I am far too bored to do any Maths revisions (boredoom will not fuel my motivation to study), I decided to go to Jurong Point to just do some weekend window shopping.

As I stepped onto the MRT I met my SPH colleague at Jurong East MRT Interchange. Lucky she didn’t see me so immediately I rushed onto the train heading for Boon Lay. Phew!

Walking from Boon Lay MRT towards Jurong Point. I became cautions of myself, as when I start to bump into people I know I will continue to face such situations for the rest of the day (according to my past experiences). Maybe I was too cautions I spotted my form teacher, Mdm Ng, with her daughter. Where is her husband? I don’t see him, but I see both of them happily chatting away on the 2nd floor.

So I purposely took a longer way to go to McDonalds, to avoid bumping into my form teacher. At the arcade, I met up with a friend I made in Lot 1 Shopping Centre. He is Tony*, 16 years old, a typical Singaporean. He was with his girlfriend, and his girlfriend saw me looking at them. As she was about to inform him about a ‘stranger’ staring at her / them, I faster hide myself behind the Dance Dance Revolution machine. Phew!!!

Jurong East MRT Interchange

This is not ‘lucky’ for me enough. Then lady luck played a joke with me the very last time when I was about to return home. Bumped into Kevin at the Jurong East MRT Interchange, with his family. His is wearing a orange shirt, and looks like a fruity little tangerine to me far away, until I managed to recognize him at short distance.

We popped each other with the same question:

Why are you here?

I told him I was heading back home, but looks like I forgot to ask him where is he going, as I have totally no memory about myself getting an answer from him.

What a day! Don’t know whether did they see me… anyway, happy weekend =)

*Name changed to protect his identity

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