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Don’t know what does this mean?

Well, many of you must be using some Internet image hosting or webpage hosting programmes. Have you ever been bothered by a message (either automated or non-automated) issued by the host / ISP saying that you have exceeded your bandwidth? And you’ve got this messgae now, but you do not know what the hell are they trying to tell you. This post might help you a lot.

While, let’s see the most user-friendly definition of ‘Bandwidth’ from Google:

Bandwidth: A measure of the capacity of data that can be moved between two points in a given period of time.

So that’s basically about bandwidth. It is like a measure of cars (the amount of data travelled from the server to the user, for example, Photobucket host to the viewer of the hosted image) that passes through the road (the path taken by the data) to the user.

So, bandwidth limit is basically about your host putting a limit across the ‘road’, limiting the number of cars (data) than can pass through it. So when there amount of cars that have passed through the limit reaches the appointed number by the host, the limit would then ban cars from reaching the user.


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