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Wireless being useless?

Yesterday we people who registered for the Wireless Connection got our ID and password that allows us to gain access to the boarding school’s new Wireless system. That’s great and being sold at a promotional price of a mere S$50! Wow!

However, the entire thing turned to my horror that all Window’s Service Pack 1 computers are unable to access the Wireless Internet Connection, and they didn’t even tell us before we register! What the hell is going on? I thought.

Then I went to the General Office to attend the Users Help Session. Not much help is rendered and the ways they provided us is totally useless. The wireless connection requires a WPA Network Authentication and a TKIP Data Encryption. We poor Windows Service Pack 1 people do not have these stuff in our wireless card so our S$50 is like being dumped into the drain. Argh.

It meant to bring more convenience to us so that we do not need to queue up to book computer terminals in the computer room like people in the concentration camp *giggles*, but in the end it turned up to be a pain in the vein to people who have Windows Service Pack 1. Help!!!

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