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It’s A Happy Day

Today is quite a happy day to me. Not sure if this apply to others.

The day started with me taking Integrated Humanities Core (IHC) term test. I’ve studied quite a lot over the weekend and desperately hoping that he (Samuel Lim) will not fail me. I spent a little more time than usual on writing the essay question, leaving me less time to complete my source-based questions. Aih, hope that I will at least secure a PASS.

After the test we had Chemistry. Boring – Mr Chew just keep yapping in the class. I nearly fell asleep. Next lesson, Biology, when Ms Koe gave us back our Biology Test Paper. I was really surprised to hear my name being called as the first few ones (papers are arranged in such a manner that the marks on them are in descending order). I was even happier as my marks tied with Biorep* and beat Ah Shuang* and Bork*.

*Names are changed to protect their identity.

After school, as planned, Wilson and I went to Tiong Baru Plaza to play the Korean version of Para Para Paradise. I am now quite addicted to it. Why I go so far (from Bukit Timah) to such a place? This is because the price here is cheaper.

At Lot 1 Shopping Centre, S$1.05 (non VIP member) for 5 dances: S$0.21 / dance.
At Lot 1 Shopping Centre, S$0.95 (VIP member) for 5 dances: $0.19 / dance.
At Tiong Baru Plaza, $1.00 for 6 dances: $0.17 / dance.

By comparison, which place is cheaper? Obviously is at Tiong Baru Plaza. We played many dances over there and finally figured out to modify some setting for the dances. Fun.

The most funny part is when two gals came to play the game. They chose Para Para Mode instead of Freestyle Mode. They’re sure amateurs. Then they just kept missing all the steps in the dance along the way. How pitiful. Lucky for them to choose non-stop play or not they’ve wasted their money as they would be easily kicked out of the game (if they failed the stage). Sorry lah.

Crowded MRT Station

This part isn’t really happy. Came back from Tiong Baru Plaza at 6.00pm proved me how horrible is Singapore’s rush hour. The subway is packed with people and the passengers on the train just keep squeezing and squeezing until I am drowned in the crowd. I am deprived of oxygen, maybe, so I got a little blur and missed Newton station and went on to Novena. Took an opposite direction train back to Newton. Argh.

Back at the bus station near my boarding school, it started to rain like cats and dogs. Doe to some construction works the built covered pathway is demolished and I’m forced to use the zinc-roofed wooden walkway back to the boarding school. I’m drenched, thanks to the punctured zinc roof. Argh, have to change a new sets of clothes. Anyway I have the change them =)

Happy day? To a large extent, I agree =)

How’s yours?

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