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I Fell Sick

Again, thanks to my very sensitive stomach. It just doesn’t go well with some food I eat which I am still unclear.

The entire thing started off on Thursday morning when I vomited twice in school. How horrible and my throat hurts – got burnt by acidic stuff from the stomach. Then when I return to the boarding school headache followed, then fever comes. Onset of high fever, how frustrating.

Then I start to have really horrible diarrhea. Yucks. Went to see doctor and the doctors says to got gastric flu. Contagious. No sharing of tasty food *yum yum* (sorry Jin) and drinks with others.

Despite taking medicines, I still keep throwing things out for the entire yesterday night. I didn’t even sleep for the entire night, as I feared that I would vomit on my bed. And the painful stomach ain’t allowing me to get some rest.

Today morning I went to see the doctor again. He gave me an injection for my intensive vomiting. Wiping alcohol on my buttock. The needles went it. It hurts. Then when he pushes the liquid into my bloodstream, that’s the part when I nearly screamed. OUCH!!! This reminds me of the horrible experience of drawing blood sample when I was admitted into hospital last year.

Along the way back to the boarding school I slept in the bus and nearly missed the station. Back in the boarding school I slept till 1.00pm. How tiring.

At last I feel much better now. Hope that I cans till enjoy my beautiful labour day weekend.

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