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Bogus Blogs Snare Fresh Victims

Warning! Recent Internet studies show that there is an increase in the abuse of blogs – instead of using to it express one’s views, it is used to hide malicious codes and viruses that attacks the visitors from the dark. How horrible!

My advice – only visit blogs which you’re confident in it (virus-free). Use safe surfing websites and strictly blocks virus-containing blogs, like BlogExplosion. Below are some articles that I’ve obtained from the Internet, heightening public awareness about those virus-containing blogs.

From BBC News:

Cyber criminals are starting to use fake blogs to snare new victims.

The bogus web journals are being used as traps that infect visitor’s machines with keylogging software or viruses.

Filtering firm Websense said it had found hundreds of bogus blogs baited with all kinds of malicious software to snare the unwary.

Websense warned that the baited blogs could get past traditional security measures that try to protect people from malicious programs.

From Blogosphere Zoo!:

In particular, keyloggers, trojan, malware and other spyware writers are turning to blogs – and away from traditional hosting and/or e-mail services – because they offer large amounts of free storage space, they don’t require any identity authentication to post, and most blog hosting services don’t scan posted files for viruses, worms, or spyware.

While end-users can do little beyond keep safe and smart practices in mind – however, Hubbard said, there is plenty blog software makers and hosting services could do.

Oh yup. Don’t forget to get the latest updates for your anti-virus software. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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