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Drainy Ending

I fell down today.

Maybe you think that I cam summarize the entire thing with just that 4 words. Well, I don’t think so.

I was walking around the school after lunch when I was thinking about Para Para Paradise. My bag was really heavy and my whole stack of notes and files even added more weight to my body.

I apporached the drain, as I attmept to take a shortcut, which would save me 5 seconds of walking time. Wow. My leg reached out for the opposite side of the drain but then I was looking elsewhere.

I heard a thud sound. I suddenly felt like I was jumping down from somewhere… erm, yup, the word is weightlessness. AS expected I didn’t hear a splash sound since the drain is dry. Great. But then my knee hurts like shit. Some good people ran towards me and helped me to stand up. Thanks =)

Thanks to the concrete drain wall I cut my knee. Ouch. That’s all about stupid me falling into a drian, not more than 30cm wide.

I read Bing Yuan’s blog and found that he fell on today also. Check this out.

Somehow I completely missed out the HUGE step of the amphitheatre at the Concourse, so my left foot came down before the step, which resulted in me falling on my left side of the body. For a while I couldn’t really hear properly if I covered my right ear and my left hand didn’t seem to respond to any response as effectively as before. And the searing pain in my left leg didn’t help either. As Jeremy caustically put it, I had crushed my entire left body.

Pooooor thing =(

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