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A TributeTo Mum

My mum will be celebrating her 45th birthday on the 10th of May. This day is one of the very special day in the year as it falls very very near to Mother’s Day celebration. So, besides celebrating mum’s birthday my family also celebrates Mother’s Day with her too.

One of the most memorable birthday celebration of my mum would be a few years back when my brother and I decided to use our own pocket money to treat mum dinner at the restaurant. Although the meal was little expensive to us but we feel it’s okay as it is mum’s birthday.

Now let’s talk about my mum. Maybe you’ve read some posts of mine complaining mum’s refusal to buy things I wanted. Maybe that’s the way how she teaches me to save money. As a typical Chinese housewife, she is very ‘ghiam siap’ (means ‘stingy’ in Hokkien) but then she is willing to save the money to buy good things for us. For example, she and dad saved quite a lot of money and tightened their belt to buy the laptop I am using now to type this post =)

Since I was young my mum has great influence to me. She taught me how to talk, write, walk and also sing. She is not good in playing the piano so she enrolled me in a piano class so that I can pick up some piano playing skills. She ensured that I can speak and write English and Chinese. Luckily she did that. Although my English isn’t really very good but then I am glad that she gave me the chance to pick up the 2 very important languages. She taught me a lot of her view of life – instead of holding a pessimistic view why not get a optimistic view? We live our life once, and why we want to make it so miserable?

She is a caring mum. I could still remember her reaction after hearing me suffering from a head concussion after falling down from the monkey bar when I was in Primary 6. When I was sent to the hospital I could still see mum and her teary, red eyes. On the other hand, I once had a surgery and so I was sleeping like a log for 2 days straight. When I woke up in the middle of the night after that long sleep that lasted for a solid 48 hours, I saw mum sleeping beside my bed. I cried. “When you are successful, everybody is your friend. But when you aren’t successful, your only friend would be your mother.”

When I was in Primary 1, 2 and 3 because I fall sick so frequently she insisted in fetching me to and back from school, and also fixing breakfast herself instead of our maid every morning. I suddenly felt the warmth from the motherly love when I see kids at age of 6 and 7 buying their own breakfast and lunch in school.

Thanks mum! And last but not least, happy birthday!

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