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A Saddening Week

This week is pretty saddening to me. Firstly on Monday I got back my Maths paper. I got 23/50, and so obviously I failed. I failed my Maths. Wow, great. Frankly speaking I cried the shit out of me when Mr Lee was discussing the paper. Some people thought that I was making a fool of myself. Well, there is also a reason why I cried. If I really did not pay attention in class, did not do any revisions, did not give a damn to Bing Yuan’s maths revision worksheet, I would just accept the fact that I failed.

However, I’ve invested a lot of effort in for the preparation for this particular test, as I know that me myself is quite weak in differentiation and circular measure. Since a week ago I’ve been studying Maths. But then I still failed. How disappointing to me, and what makes me even hate myself more is that I forgot to attached a whole question that I did and got it right. Damn!

Secondly, I lost my Chemistry notes. It is approximately 40 pages and I’ve spent really a lot of time summarizing it. Jiayi told me that he saw Edward flipping through it on last Friday. Edward claimed that he didn’t take it. At first I denied what he said, since we had a really bad relationship since secondary 1. After a dialogue session with my form teacher and Edward, we got the problem resolved and I believed that Edward did not take it. Now I’m just hoping that the one who took it can return my Chemistry notes to me. Please?

thirdly, not really saddening to me but another person, Ms Sarah Foo. She realized that we are calling her nicknames. Well, EVERY TEACHER HAVE NICKNAMES> Don’t be so sad and dwell about it. What we called you are some stuff like stupid FOO, April FOO and etc. Funny but then not insulting. Don’t be sad, okay?

Looks like I vent my anger via sarcasm. Feeling much better. See ya!

P.S.: Sorry for not posting for sometime as there is lots of tests this week!

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