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Crazy About Para Para Paradise

Yesterday Wilson and I went to Lot 1 Shopping Centre’s arcade to have a good dance on the Para Para Paradise Machine. Maybe you should think that we guys are really weird as usually gals dance and not guys, but anyway, I am sort of addicted to it already.

Hmm, if you don’t know what is Para Para Paradise about, it is a machine with sensors at the top and the bottom, located at 5 sides of the ‘stage’. The ‘stage’ refers to where you stand at the middle, move your hands towards the sensor when looking at the screen instructing you how to dance.

In other words, your hand movements are required to be corresponding to the arrows and flying from the bottom to the top of the screen. If you can’t pass the 50% mark then you’ll fail that stage, and you are not allowed to continue anymore unless you feed it with more coins.

When you enter the game you can choose between Para Para mode and the Freestyle mode. Para Para mode is when the player can enjoy the lag time of the sensors, meaning that the sensor would still assume your hand is still there for a second or two although you’ve moved your hand(s) away; while in the Freestyle mode the machine requires very accurate timing and directions. While I flung my Freestyle and got the highest score for Para Para mode.

The image on the left shows the 5 important directions of the sensors:
(1) Left
(2) Diagonal Left
(3) Front
(4) Diagonal Right
(5) Right

Remember, the game does not only require you to move one of your hand at one time. Sometimes you need both. Also, some tricky dances require you to ‘wipe’ your hand from left to the right or vice versa. On the other hand, the Freestyle mode is much difficult and I still can’t manage to pass some stages. That’ll make the game for challenging and fun =)

The image on the right shows a typical screen when you’re dancing. With some observation you can see that the player has just completed the movement required by moving you hand diagonally right towards the sensor. This can be seen by the pink bar on the right where the arrow shines.

Isn’t that fun? And this game also allows you to move your hands freely and without much restrictions, but you’ll still need to follow the arrows!

This picture shows a gal dancing on the ‘stage’ of the machine. It makes the game for fun if there people around you. However, yesterday when Wilson was dancing came a bunch of gangsters, that was really very horrible. They ‘booooo’ when he missed the arrows and when he dances quite well they asked him whether he wants to be a bar-top dancer. Stupid people crapping stupid stuff.

Anyway, I highly recommend that you should try out this machine! It’s really fun and erm, quite healthy to a certain extent since you sweat quite a lot after dancing!

Cheers to Konami that invented such a marvelous machine =)

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