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A Special Bond

Since prehistoric time men was already bonded to dogs. There is a common theory why we can go so well with dogs – the dogs showed sign of friendliness and loyalty towards a human, millions of years ago. They’re not only intelligent but they also cared fro their family members.

Let’s take a dog barking fiercely at a stranger walking past your house. Why did they do so? Not because they have nothing much better to do but because they think that the stranger is up to no good and might even pose a threat to his ‘family’, means his owner’s family, members. That’s why he barks. Don’t try to beat a dog up for barking at a stranger. That’s animal abuse.

You might wonder why am I writing this. After reading Michelle’s post about Momo getting sterilised and he looks really exhausted and tired. Well, Michelle said in her post that she was very upset about that. If I was her and I have also a pet dog extremely bonded with me, I would also shed tears if it doesn’t look really well.

Not because that we are emotional people. I agree that emotion is one of the factor, but then it is not the major contributing factor. It’s all about the love and care that we have with our pet dogs. As we get along together for a very long time, we would feel uncomfortable when we didn’t see the ‘other half of us’.

I believe that each person is half a circle. And for our entire life we’re searching for the other half. Sometimes pet dogs make up the other half of us because they’re just so bonded with each other. We need them because they give us the feeling of security when we feel vulnerable, and sometimes even warm our hearts up when we feel depressed. Dog is simply a bowl chicken soup of the mind.

Maybe you would think that dogs bite because they hate you. Well, sometimes dogs are very irritated but they couldn’t express themselves well enough for we humans to notice. The only way they communicate with us is using it’s tail. A dog is friendly when I sees you and it waves its tail. Do not approach a dog which look really spastic with the tails below his butt. He is going to be dangerous if you provoke him further!

Dogs are creatures that are nearest to human except for our own species. So, why not get along well with a dog? Offer it dog food and biscuits. They like munching on fake bones. Ymm.

Last but not least, good luck to Michelle and Momo!

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