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You Did It Right!

Flipping through the Chinese newspaper today afternoon I came across a very touching story about a teacher in China, Ms Yin, sacrificed her life to save at least 6 kids from a car accident in Beijing.

It was a sun-drenched morning when Ms Yin brought her form class in an outing to the theatre near the school. Along the way they have to cross a road where vehicles zoomed past at great speed. When she was instructing the kids to cross the road, to her horror Ms Yin saw at least 6 of her students crossing the road while a car was tearing towards those innocent kids. Without thinking much she ran onto the road, pushed the kids a side and hence got knocked down by the speeding car. She flew 20m away where she was hit.

I was really shocked by the courage she’d got to sacrifice herself for the children. It’s really a very saddening story – why again, good, or otherwise, innocent people have to die of a tragic death? They did nothing wrong, but saving other’s lives! One typical example is the Pope, who helped to life the Iron Curtain decades ago and also promoted racial and world peace.

Ms Yin did it right, and the driver is really wrong! Although China drivers have their cars secured with insurance, not most of the people have life insurance! The practical solution for this case is to heighten the awareness of the China public about the dangers of roads and also impose heavy fines and sentences on those who violates the already strict rules.

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