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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Mahjong Mania

Went to Yanmin house today. Glad to know that he has Internet Boradband access – 3.5mbps. Unlike my boarding school, although 100mbps, shared among many computer users, making the Internet connection very slow.

Raining today morning and I was in a bad mood doing my laundry. But I was left with no choice. If I don’t do it today, I would not have any undergarments to wear anymore. Haiz.

Wilson called me at 12.30pm. He says that he will be going to Yanmin’s house. I agreed. Ended up at Yanmin’s house in the afternoon playing mahjong with his little brother bugging me with a lot of horny stuff. Argh.

We played mahjong for the entire afternoon. Hours of fun. Teehee =)

Frankly speaking I just learned how to play mahjong a week ago… they say me skill sucks =)

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