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Missing My Friends 800km Away

Returning back to school yesterday, I found that the piled-up work that I have to do wasn’t as horrible as I’ve expected. Lucky me to prepare for the worst.

However, Wilson, Yanmin and I still kept thinking of our friends in Penang. Especially for Wilson. When he sees Ms Laura Ng, which looks 80% identical to his host mother, he just feel like bursting into tears. He said that his host family treated him really well. Maybe we are a little vulnerable right now, as we are sill caught in the transition period. Sometimes thinking of the exchange programme really saddens me. Not because I regretted of going there but I miss the people and my new friends that I have made over there.

Maybe this is the way of life. A Chinese poverb stated that “人有悲欢离å?ˆï¼Œæœˆæœ‰é˜´æ™´åœ†ç¼ºï¼Œæ­¤äº‹å?¤éš¾å…¨ï¼Œä½†æ„¿äººé•¿ä¹…,å?ƒé‡Œå…±å©µå¨Ÿã€‚” Direct translation to English, this would mean that we people (human) have to separate, come together, and sometimes feel happy or sad, and even the moon will someitmes be bright, dark, rounded or curved. These things are rarely perfect since long ago.

And sometimes humming a section of the song 童� (Fairy Tales) sang by 光良 (Guang Liang)would also make us feel very sad:







Translated to English it means as follow:

I am willing to transform into the angel which you admired in the world of fairy tales,
open my arms,
change them into wings to protect you,
you must believe that we are like in the fairy tales,
where hapiness is the ending.

Sorry for the lousy translation, but that is roughly what the song means. Meaningful right? Will upload the song as soon as possible =)

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