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Penang Exchange Programme Day #8 – Getting Around

Well, today is very tiring as we were on a Heritage Trial around Penang. We visited a lot of places like the fort along Gurney Drive, and penang Museum and bla bla bla.

We woke up at 7.00am today. Very early to us as we slept at 2.00am yesterday ngith after many rounds of mahjong and card games. *Yawns* I am just very tired. I washed my face with real cold water but it doesn’t help at all. For many times I just refused to get down the van because I was simply too exhasuted. I treated myself a calamansi drink (the very sour fruit) but then my body remained as tired as before.

Lunch was frustrating. I ordered char kuay teow and teh-o ping but then none of them turned up until everyone finished their desert. Argh how depressing.

I bought 3 packets of dao-sha-bia, a type of Chinese biscuit that really taste great =) Those are for my teachers, and not for myself. I enjoy eating it but not crazy over it, unlike my mom.

Bought some souvenirs for my friends. I don’t know whether they like it but I hope they do =)

Nothing much to say. I’m really exhasuted. Going to post a story about Terri Schindler-Schiavo’s case. Stay tuned!

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