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Penang Exchange Programme Day #7 – Being An Entrepreneur

Today is quite exciting. Yesterday I told Wilson that I am going to run for their cross country thing, but then I changed my mind and Wilson claimed that I back-stabbed him. Anything.

I waited for them at the carpark at the entrance of Youth Park. I waited for 30 minutes and none of them came. I paged Wilson and he told me that they’re at the open amphitheatre. Oh great. I inched along the congested road. Had a had time searching for those guys, erm , I mean Wilson and Yanmin.

Actually I was wearing my PE attire but then I changed my mind. I am better at managing than walking / jogging / running, although my Maths ‘rocks’ big-time. I enjoyed selling things and this brought back my enjoyable experience of last year’s carnival. 600 cans of 100-Plus were sold out in 1 hour, with a net profit of RM$330, while we managed to sell only half of the amount of the 800 bottles of mineral water, which brings us only RM$4 of net profit.

It’s still afternoon now so please wait for updates tonight. Oh yup, by the way, I’ll be at Yin Tung’s (Wilson’s host brother) house for a barbeque party =)

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