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Penang Exchange Programme Day #6 – Laughing Our Asses Off

After our lesson ended at 12.00pm, and having lunch with Ms Sarah Foo, whose purse was stolen the day before yesterday, we met up with Ghee Boon at the counselling room. He showed us his school magazine, and keep pointing at Ms Ong Bee Leng’s picture. No point in protecting her identity. If you sue me, I’ll see you in court.

She rebonded her hair into a very straight thingy, and then she would shake and stroke them during lesson time. That’s not the funny part yet. Then she would continue that for the entire period. Looks like she was enjoying her hair a lot. I wonder when the hair is caught in the ceiling fan.

Okay, let’s stop being sadistic. Next Ghee Boon showed as another teacher’s picture. Too bad I forgot her name. Anyway, her hair shapes like a big bowl, quite funny and entertaining. Looks like she got that hair style just by placing a bowl on her head and then trimming the excess hair off the side of the bowl. How fascinating.


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