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Penang Exchange Programme Day #5 – Oh no!

Oh no! Bad news! Ms Sarah Foo, our teacher-in-charge, lost her dearest purse (ok, well, she wants me to say “her purse got pick-pocketed”, as she insisted that it is not her fault to lose the purse) while shopping at Tesco. She said that she needs coffee badly so she went there by herself.

Maybe because of the headache. Maybe because of the crowd. Maybe because of the hot weather. Argh, anything. Ok, but then she did not know that some very professional pick-pocket was unzipping her handbag, taking out the purse, and even ZIPPING BACK THE HANDBAG for her. Wow.

She lost RM$500, S$700, and another S$2000 because that pick-pocket made a huge transaction using her credit card. Total lost: S$(500 / 2.33 + 700 + 2000) = S$2714.59!!! That can buy me… 4 iPods that I’ve dreamt of. Never mind. The ‘greatest’ thing out of that incident is that she LOST OUR TICKET BACK TO SINGAPORE!!! Hope that she could buy back those tickets.

My leg hurts a lot, thanks to me who was over enthusiastic by dancing 5 hours almost non-stop. Wilson nagged that I didn’t write much about the dancing part, so… okay, what we basically did yesterday afternoon + night is dancing, dancing and dancing. Yup, and that’s all.


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