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Penang Exchange Programme Day #4 – Having Fun!

Yay, today we did not attend any school lessons because we went on a fieldtrip with the Youth Enterprise members from our host school to Intel in Penang. What we did there is basically about providing us a chance to express ourselves, materialize our creativity and also most importantly, teambuilding and ice-breaking.

Before the teambuilding activities we started with the ice-breaking activity. We were given questionnaires with different questions that require us to seek answer from our advisors. How fun!

The first activity is about building a plane from only paper, paper clips, straws, masking tape and a string. We are giving limited amount of the stuff mentioned above… what a challenge! We came out with our brilliant design and started building it. At last the plane is done, we called it the Aviator, and named our airline company as American Airlines. Our plane crashed after taking off at the 1m point, but then we flew the furthest. Looks like American Airlines would sue us for using its name without its consent and also producing such a dangerous and humiliating plane =) Anyway, we won 2 awards, which are “The Plane That Flew The Furthest” and “The Plane With The Best Design”.

The second one is making an egg-capsule. We were given, again, paper, straws, masking tape and paper clips. That’s all. We spin into action by weaving the straws around the egg, then make a box and fill it with shredded paper. In the end our plan failed and we just simply wrapped it up like a ba-chang (dumpling). The name of the stupid product is *egg head dumpling capsule”, and that won us (we did not expect that!!!) “The Most Creative Award”!

Three prizes, wow! The exciting part came when our host brothers and I went to Gurney Plaza again. I danced in the arcade for more than 3 hours, almost non-stop. My hands and legs hurt a lot! *ouch*

Exhausted now… maybe I should turn in early tonight =)

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