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Penang Exchange Programme Day #3 – Slack

Teehee *giggles*, okay, I confess that I slacked real long today. Thanks a million to the Essay Writing Competition which is held from 9.40am to 11.25am, we could enjoy the air-conidition at the counselling room, because we are not expected to participate.

Before I move on, I would like to comment about their morning assembly. Today we attended their morning assembly which lasted for about 50 minutes, standing on our dear feet while some really old teacher is yapping on stage. Anyway, during the assembly I can still feel people throwing us that ooh-i-see-a-martian eyesight, which makes me a little bit uncomfortable. The most funny thing is about the morning exercise. We danced, or just moved, according to the music. Hmm, I feel like a clown while doing that lame activity with my uniforms on.

Back in class we attended Chemistry lesson. Much better than Chwety’s (my Chemistry teacher) and very fun. She enjoyed calling out tha Latin names of the elements instead of their, erm, English names. They don’t call Fe as Iron. Wierdo.

After that its the compuetition time. Wilson, Yanmin and I went to meet Ms Sarah Foo at the counselling room and we had a good chat that lasted for 2 hours *coughs* and we cracked a lot of cold jokes about teachers in our school, which she NEVER EVER HEARD BEFORE (and this year is the 2nd year she’s teaching in my school!) – looks like she’s not good in picking up office-gossips. Wierdo the second.

We atteneded Physics lesson where the teacher spent a whole 35 minutes explaining what is concave, convex and plane mirror. Well, he is some kid of old and keep repeating what he had just said a few seconds ago. Wierdo the third.

I became a vampire while having dinner – I ate a full bowl of pig blood *yum yum*. Maybe some people would freak out if they were asked to eat pig bloog but I am a fan of it. It taste very nice and some sort of spongy feeling.

Have you tried pig blood?

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