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Penang Exchange Programme Day #2 – Fun-filled

Today is the very first day we are going to experience the daily school-life of the Chung Ling High School students. At 6.45am I woke up and took a cold bath *phew* that’s really refreshing.

On the way to school I asked my host brother more about their school. I knew more a little bit about their school and find out some differences between mine and theirs:
(1) They do not have gohyy, koehy, teocc, laomao (honyp), slim and loi. (Only 4J students would know)
(2) They do not have borkster, junk, psyborg, and edward. (Again, only 4J students would understand)
(3) They do not need to sing the National Anthem and read the pledge every morning.
(4) Their assembly only lasts for 35 minutes at most (unlike mine, which last for a solid 2 hours of clarinda crapping on the stage)

Hmm, due to some POLITICAL reasons we could not join our host brothers at the governemtn school side. We could only join the students at the private school side. The headmaster of Chung Ling High School told us that students that are unable to enter Chung Ling High School would enter the private school. Then we wondered is that a ‘gangster school’.

But when we entered the classroom we found that the students at the private side were friendly too, just that their results is a little bit o ‘rocks’ big-time – the Malay teacher read out the class test results and none of them passed, witht he highest mark of 48 and 3 big eggs (zero mark!) in the class. At the same time he really impressed us, especially Wilson. After knowing that our dear Wilson could not understand Malay, he talked to him in CHINESE, and he himslef is a MALAY! Omigosh!

At night we went to Gurbey Plaza and hang around the arcade, where Wilson and I played some very fun games including dancing on the dancing pad. The dancing game which ‘game over’ very quickly after we just played for a while tells us that our eye-leg coordination sucks.

I’ll try to blog tomorrow and be online (not for so long). See ya tomorrow!

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