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Penang Exchange Programme Day #1 – Exhausted

Today is pretty tiring, owe to the couch that we took from Singapore that broke down near Yong Peng along the North South Expressway. Wilson and I did not get a good night sleep because of the entire rocky journey, but Yanmin snf the other three Sec 3s sleep like logs on their cozy seats. Sometimes I really envy people that are non light-sleepers.

FINALLY… we reached Perangin Mall at 9.30 in the morning, 12 hours after we departed for Penang Island. The couch we took should reach there at 7.00am as schelduled and thanks to the lousy couch our jouney is delayed and lengthened.

Ms Lim, the Head Councillor of the Chung Ling High School, received us at the bus depot. She treated we people a tasty meal of dimsum near the bus depot. Thanks a lot, Ms Lim!

For the rest of the afternoon we rode on Mr Eric’s van, touring the entire Penang Island. He took us to famour landmarks of Penang Island, for example the Snake Temple, the Batu Ferringi Beach, Butterfly Farm, the Botanical Garden and some bustling sea-side fishing villages.

Although exhuasted, we enjoyed a fun-filled steamboat meal somewhere along Gurney Drive, with our host family. We reached the restaurant before any other host families, so the entire atmosphere is filled with great anticipation.

“Who would my host parents look like?”
“How about our host brothers?”
“Hmm, I wonder how’s our host school is….”

Finnaly our respective host families reached the restaurant. They’re much friendly than I’ve expected =) Besides enjoying the fine food, we, especially Wilson and I, had a good laugh about the school magazine which Siyuan brought along. We were ROFLOAO (Rolling On the Floor Laughing OUR Ass Off). Back at the host family’s house I introduced myself to them at greater detail and also knew them more.

Hmm, I wonder what would happen tomorrow?

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