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Omigosh! A Car Accident!

Today while crusing happily on the New Pantai Highway (some stupid highway in my place which took years to build because of being abandoned), Dad suddenyl slowed the car down… and in our greatest horror we saw a car lying on it’s top on the highway!

Omigosh, a car accident!

The car slowed down ahead of us before we could see anything. Dad told us that a car crashed ahead, so immediately I picked up my camero and switched it on, but I was so shocked that I forgot to adjust the focus. I apologise for the blurred image.

Mum was shacking in fear as she claimed that she saw blood on the road surface under the mangled piece of metal. Dad wasn’t looking at the wrecked car at all as our lives are all depending on his hands which are steering the car. Little brother was somehow shocked that he kept commenting about the crash hours later, when we were doing some shopping at Midvalley Megamall.

Me myself was shcokeed too. Looks like no other cars were involved so I could say that the driver had probably drove so fast that he lost control of the car. Here I would like to ask all drivers to pay full attention while on the road. Drive smart and drive safely!

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