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My Version Of Job Prediction

100% readable to 4J people and those who knows our class pretty well. This is a follow-up post by me myself after reading Bing Yuan’s INSPIRING post about my classmates’ job prediction.

What 4J people will end up 10 years later:
Chen Lujie – CEO of Sony / Honda / Microsoft
Chen Shuang – CEO of Acer
Samuel Chong – Minister of Health
Perry Chung – Badminton King of Singapore
Terence Fong – No offence, but jobless?
Gao Chong – Award winner “Best Comedian of Singapore”
Bing Yuan – The CEO of Food Junction or McDonalds. A Maths professor.
Heng Zhiyong – A brilliant biologist or a doctor
Ho Fuwah – Biologist, collegue of Mr Gohyy
Ho Shaohsien – I think he will turn out to be a sucessful person – Doctor
Jack Huang – The next Kofi Annan
Jason Tan – The founder of the Purple Mascara Franchise
Jeremy Tan – A composer / violinist
Jiang Zhou – Singer, Calligraphist
Jonathan Kee – Businessman / chapteh seller
Koh Yanmin – Director or DreamWorks
Liau Weixiang – Sales Director of Durex
Jasper Lim – Minister of Health
Tristan Loo – Sucessful entrepeneur
Low Lekchia – Dentist
Low Weixiang – Manager of the future KBox Franchise around the world
Luo Dachunan – Minister of Tourism (China)
Neo Junkai – Biologist – the very sucessful and weird type
Ng Koonyu – Famous gymnast, businessman
Edward Seah – Writer that suppoorts the Left-wing
Benjamin Tan – Singapore’s next table tennis player
Tan Weijun – Mad scientist (same catagory as Junkai)
Tay Ruiyang – MOE officer that do not check other’s blogs
Bryan Tee – CEO of Tesco / Carrefour
ME – A travel reporter (not a very sucessful person, in conclusion)
Wayne – Person that monopolises Indonesia’s plantation industry
Wong Jiayi – Propagator?
Wong Yanhao – CEO of Suntec Coperation
Yang Wuxi – Manager of LAN Gaming Centers
Ye Haomin – American businessman?

My possible jobs (taken from Kevin’s blog):

Oh yah, Terry won’t be a Deejay. His taste for travel will definitely prevent him from getting a job that encloses him a in dimly lighted room for hours talking to himself and a bunch of nothing-to-do idiots. He probably open an arcade and play Para Para Dancing all day or be some kind of travel reporter who goes around the world and bumping into all sorts of people. It would be fun though.

What do you think?

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