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My House Computer Sucks Big Time

My house computer really sucks big time. I am screwed up by and have screwed up my house computer. Let me tell you my big problem with it, or in other words, my bitter struggle to switch it on.

What you are seeing is my sucks big time house computer. Just buying it had been a great problem a few years back, because my father had a quarrel with the guy who sold this computer to us. The reason why the horrible quarrel, so horrible that I have to borrow a mobile phone from a stranger to call my mom who is at home for help, started, I think I should keep it to myself.

Back at home we have problem with the Operating System and because of ‘face’ problem, my dad insisted not to go back to the outlet where we bought our computer and went far downtown to get somebody to repair it.

Then we have problem with the drive partition. Dad called another mechanic to our house to get the problem fixed.

Now comes the display driver problem. After installing Simcity 4 Rush Hour in my computer the monitor suddenly turned pitch dark. I was left with no choice but to restart the computer. Upon restart the log in screen did not appear, and after several attempts to restart the computer just ain’t working normally.

I called dad, whom temper sucks big time. Got a scolding from him, but finally he also can’t deal with the problem himself. Rang up cousin brother and got the computer fixed. The computer resolution ended up to be 800 X 600, which I am not very comfortable with, so I made a stupid attempt to change it back to 1024 X 768. The computer ended up crashed and we have to restart the entire procedure again (run safe Mode, install display driver, restart computer). Pretty frustrating.

Argh, now what am I feeling is to throw this stupid piece of clockwork and lights down to the ground floor (I am now at the first floor).

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