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Sabbaticals #5 – Faint, Fainting, Fainted

Today is the very last day of Term 1 Sabbaticals and honestly speaking I am quite reluctant to let it be history. I’ve enjoyed being sadistic along the way, but most importantly that I have learned a lot of new skills and knowledge in this one whole week of Sabbaticals.

Some people thinks that Sabbaticals is just full of crap and useless to we students. Hmm, I wonder maybe they said this sweeping statement because they got assigned to the Sabbatical courses they did not want to.

Today somebody fainted when we are visiting a medical hall in Chinatown. We were standing very close to each other due to confined spaces and hearing the spokesman of the medical hall introducing us types of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM, which is also the short form of my school’s horrible history teacher who so shares the same initials), when a guy fell in the floor shivering like having fits.

Everyone was stunned, especially me as he just fell behind me. We were immediately ordered to evacuate the shop to provide more oxygen for him. The Chinese doctor ran out of the consultation room (most Chinese medical halls have Chinese doctors in there) can gave him some treatment.

Back in school after the fieldtrip my form teacher starts to distribute our result slips. I was so worried about results, fearing that I would faint after looking at it. I expected a lousy 3.80 MSG (not the preservative!) but then surprisingly I achieved 3.25. Yay =)

Goodbye Sabbaticals week! *sobs*

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