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Jin, Help Me!

I encountered some very weird stuff which nearly scared wits out of me a few nights ago. After hearing at Jin‘s story about Elain’s phone I am even more horrified about my encounter with IT.

It is Tuesday night, if not mistaken, when I stayed up till 2.00am in the morning. Then when preparing my powerpoint slides I felt that something is moving just behind me. When I turned to look at my back I saw nothing, but my sixth sense is yelling at me that the black figure is watching my back.

I didn’t give it a damn and looks like IT is a little angry as a strong gust of wind blew into my window. I am somehow a little afraid as the room is pitch dark except the table lamp on my table illuminating my writing table. I took some ointment out from the cupboard to rub on the wound on my legs (thanks to the ice-skating session).

When I sat on my chair rubbing the ointment, for some unknown reason I went unconscious, or maybe asleep, but I really don’t know how to name that. Looks like IT started to attack me or something like that. In a flash I woke up. Looking at the clock it was 5.50am!!! I was so scared that I jumped up from the chair, which obviously shifted place since last night. Has IT done something on me?

I ran around the floor looking at other’s clock. It was really 5.50am in the morning! Omigosh, this experience is really horrible to me! On the other hand, a point to note is that I slept for the entire afternoon on Tuesday so it is impossible for me to be too tired to an extent that I dozed off that night.

Jin, can you help me? Can this be explained scientifically or …?

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