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Sabbaticals Day #1 – The ‘Genocide’ Course

*Important Note: This post only describes how sadistic the course is and does not relates to any practical actions done during the genocide. Contains absolutely no profanity and no political issues.

Today is the first day for the Hwa Chong Sabbaticals. The entire sign-up period for the Sabbaticals, which is conducted a few weeks ago, virtually destroyed the entire connection and ended up in great chaos. The registration time, which would start at 6.00pm sharp, is being announced to all students on one assembly-day. Undoubtedly that everyone swarmed into the system and booked their favorite subjects at the same unit of time at 6.00pm. No wonder the server hanged. Too bad.

Below is an extract from Vib’s blog, Simplicity, a post titled as “Sabbaticals Stress”:

I believe no other would face such immense stress before going on a Sabbatical (defined as ‘vacation’). Our school, as usual, is conducting these lame courses once again.

7…Â…6…Â…5…Â…4…Â…3…Â…You scroll down to the [Register] button and count down, 3…Â…2…Â…1… You click the button. You are uncertain whether you are in the course because the page is loading too slowly. You farted again and your rectum is going to release all the waste matter on to your chair if you do not go to the toilet in time. You decided that the registration should be alright and happily went to the toilet. After causing the whole house to stink, and feeling much better with the relief, you went to the computer, shocked to find that it is at the “This page cannot be displayed” page. You shouted at your computer again and the whole computer hanged. It is 6:12:45pm.

Finally I got accepted in the Bio-Medical course, conducted by a company named Geneced from Singapore. The teachers from Geneced is kind and helpful, and the leader is ms Lim, who claimed that she is pregnant. Her colleagues are also good people, but the most troublesome thing is that the name of their company doesn’t sound good – it resembles ‘Genocide’, or something similar.

However, her speech really proved that they are pretty sadistic, like those people who participated in the genocide. She described how dangerous can laboratory chemicals be, as follow:

About the acid right? Nah, it’ll jsut corrode off your finger nails and does nothing more than that.

Or this…

Oh, the acid is just a mild one… it’s just corrode your skin and you’ll see them peeling off.

Even this!

You’ll be touching silicon gel, which you might sniff them into your lungs and they’ll stay there for the entire span of your life.

What the hell! Omigosh, they’re really sadistics! Hmm, about the details of the sabbatical, we actually went outdoors to pick the plant which we believed that they contain anti-bacterial chemicals, and of course, we had a hard time squashing the cutting them into very fine pieces. Phew!

She (Ms Lim) even briefed us about what should be do for tomorrow, including nurturing E. Coli bacteria in our respective petri dishes and try out our plant extract whetehr they could suppress bacterial growth!

This sounds interesting =) Stay tuned for my interesitng week of Hwa Chong Sabbaticals!

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