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Another Fantastic Weekend!

Today my friend, Xian You, and I decided to have great fun this weekend. Well, our first destination we’ve chosen is the Jurong Sports Center, also known as the Jurong Water Park.

I reached there at 4:30pm and paid for a mere S$1.00 as the entrance fee. We played the slides (we screamed our heart out of that!), swam (or slacked) in the Lazy River, which the water is flowing because of strong currents generated by some machines, and we even jumped into the Wave Pool and have some fun bobbing in the waves.

It is about 6.00pm when we decided to take our leave and have dinner at the KFC outlet just at the exit of the Water Park. Well, while eating and drinking I took some pictures of the water park =)

So this is the Jurong Water Park!

After this we found that we are much more energetic than expected, so we decided to go to Jurong Point, just a MRT station away from our current location. However, for some stupid reasons (maybe because of the night) we ended up lost in the Jurong Centre, while Jurong Point is 400m away from us. Bah, anyway, since we’re there so we decided to go ice-skating at the 3rd floor of the building.

I am totally messed up at first because I can’t even balance well, so no need to mention whether I can skate. Luckily Xian You has some skating experience so he taught me how to skate and balance well. After 30 minutes, finally I know how to skate a little bit without any support, but my hands really hurts after grabbing onto the rail for 30 continuous minutes.

After 1 hours from the admission time I finally be able to skate freely but sometimes still stumble like a pengiun who’s stepped on a piece of soap and my butt just fall right onto the groud *ouch*. After one and a half hours I can skate already! Wow, I learned how to skate in 1 and a half hours!

The ice-skating ring where I learned how to skate, finally!

However, my legs hurt a lot because I forgot the bring socks, so a small part of my skin near my heels have been worn off… back in the boarding school, the wound starts to bleed and pus is oozing out from it! And when it touches water, it hurts and pouring concentrated acid over a wound! Argh… maybe this is the price I have to pay for learing how to ice skate.

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