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They Just Don’t Get It

Scenario: Five-year-old spills milk on the kitchen table. Mother: "That's really clever of you to do that!" Son (Looking bewildered):"Huh?"

Spilled MilkWelcome to a world of miscommunication. According to a study from the University of Calgary, most kids under ten just don't get sarcasm. Psychologist Penny Pexman studied 64 children to see if they could understand when people werer being sarcastic. Using puppets and a variety of scenarios, she found that a sarcastic statement means the opposite of what is said, it was just as likely they would interpret such a statement literally. It apparently takes the maturity of a ten-year-old to begin to find any humours on sarcasm or irony. Which makes us wonder just what our kids are laughing at when they're watching "The Simpsons". Don't ever try sarcasm on a child. They don't get your sarcasm =) *NOTE: Quoted from Reader's Digest Asia March 05 issue.

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