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Getting A New Handphone

Sorry to update you about my phone which went missing since last week. Well, I was so busy searching for it so I forgot to mention about it. Anyway, I failed to find it so I’m now in a dilema whetehr which phone to use. Below are the three choices, which different price at ascending order.

Can you help me to pick a good and reliable phone? Thanks a lot =)

My Lost Phone:

I think this phone is really good, especially the INFRARED i have received and sent so many tones and graphics by it!!! The only thing is my gallery is pretty full!

- Fiona

This phone is something else! I truly love it more than any other phone. You are strongly advised to go for this unignorable polyphonic phone.

- Biodun

(1) Features:
– Infared port: Yes
– Camera: CIF, 352 x 288 pixels, night mode

(2) Ringtones:
– Polyphonic (4 channels)
– Monophonic

My Targetted New Phone [1]:

It’s good to see the 16 channel phone but what I really need is memory that must be minimum about 32 M, if there is no externel card available.

- Naeem

I’m new in Los Angeles and I brought this phone along with me. It functions perfectly and I have found no flaws with it ever since. It has A LOT of games… great shape and I like it!

- Karyn

(1) Features:
– Infared port: Yes
– Camera: VGA, 640×480 pixels, video

(2) Ringtones:
– Polyphonic (16 channels)

My Targetted New Phone [2]:

Nokia 6610i is good, but i am little upset with Camera and IrDa. Camera is not clear and IrDa doesn’t connect to any Mobile.

- Ebenezer

Can’t get any photos emailed to my email address. All I get is empty text messages of just the text I type in and no picture which I inserted. Any solutions to this?

- Greg

(1) Features:
– Infared port: Yes
– Camera: CIF, 352 x 288 pixels

(2) Ringtones:
– Polyphonic (4 channels)
– Monophonic

Hmm, after listening and viewing those phone profolio, which one would you recommend me to buy? Thanks for your help!

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