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Money Money Money

Argh, yesterday Doodle-board, an excellent service for people to place chat boxes on their websites or blogs, just ended it’s free service to their members. Now the members either choose a free tag-board host or pay more a premium membership.

Not that I am against that online services start to ask for money to keep their service free or terminate free services, but I think that this phenomenon is growing, maybe they realize that the blogsphere is growing at an enormous speed, and they can rag in more money from it.

This also reminds me about a part of the lyrics in the ABBA’s Money Money Money:

Lyrics of:
Money Money Money by ABBA

Money, money, money,
Must be funny,
In the rich man’s world.

Money, money, money,
Always sunny,
In the rich man’s world.

All the things I could do,
If I have a little money,
It’s a rich man’s world.

Hmm, just a little question…

Will Blog*Spot (Blogger) turn out to be a paid service in the future?

I’m quite worried, but hope that Google, the best search engine in the world, which earns uncountable money per second, could keep it free FOREVER.

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