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School Ends Early Today!

Wow, at today’s morning flag raising ceremony, Mr Hon announced a half-day off for the entire school population! The entire school roared in fun and joy while the teacher s are busy giggling all the way back to the staff room. Instead of saying that:

Due to this year’s excellent ‘O’ Level results you students have achieved, let’s declare a half-day off!

He twisted his words in such way that it seemed to be he is praising the teachers:

Our teachers have worked very hard to achieve such a good result… I think they need a rest so let’s have a half-day off!

Anyway, I am not denying what our teachers have done =) Just that praising Mr Hon’s good skill of twisting words. Haha. We are released at 11.20am today and it’s really early! But compared to last year, we are released at 10.40am… hmm, maybe he decided to give your holiday some ‘discount’ or something like that.

By the way, my friends and I sabotaged Jonathan Kee in class today. Going to post about this after I’ve processed the photos I’ve taken. See ya in the next post!

Last, but not least, congratulations to those who did well in their ‘O’ Levels! I’m proud of you people! Cheers =)

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