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Giant Figures Unearthed In Peru

Giant figures are being unearthed in Peru again! To those who doesn’t know who are Nazca lines, those are lines that are carved by ancient people (maybe UFOs?) for some reasons unknown till today. These lines resembles peoples, animals, plaants and sometimes even objects. Some people even see some Nasca lines as the runway for UFOs. Needless to say, the Nazca lines are the most attractive feature in this culture. These large “geoglyphs”, drawings on the earth’s surface, make no sense on the ground. We can recognize the features only from the air, which some might extend as long as 20km!

We may never understand the true meaning of the Nazca Lines, but we can decipher pieces of the traditional Andean people’s belief system from these great system from these great geoglyphs.

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Archeologists have discovered a group of figures scraped into the hills of Peru’s southern coastal desert that are believed to predate the country’s famous Nasca lines.

About 50 giant figures were etched into the earth over an area of roughly 90 square miles (145 square kilometers) near the city of Palpa, El Comercio newspaper reported.

The drawings — which include human figures as well as animals such as birds, monkeys, and felines — are believed to have been created by members of the Paracas Culture sometime between 600 and 100 B.C., Johny Islas, the director of the Andean Institute of Archaeological Studies, told the newspaper.

One prominent figure appears to represent the main deity of the Paracas Culture that is commonly depicted on textiles and ceramics that date from the period, Islas said.

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Hmm… sound very interesting. Are we going to explore a new milestone developemnt in knowing more about our history? Stay tuned with CNN!

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