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Eew~ That’s Gross! A Mole In The Box!

Since today is such a happy day we decided to sabotage Jonathan Kee again. We don’t know the reason why we just love to chose him as our victim but we find it fun sabotaging him. Last week we somehow stripped off Gao Chong’s shirt when he was the birthdayboy. Hmm, what an interesting birthday present for Gao Chong =)

It’s a mole on Jonathan Kee’s table!

The entire sabotaging plan just came into our minds when Koon Yu caught a mole in the school compound by chance. The mole is grey and furry, but sure looks very horrible and I bet if we throw it in the staffroom the teachers would… (quoted from Edward).

We placed that little creature in a cupboard, and placed some of Jonathan’s sationaries inside with the mole so to let him have a hard time getting his precious stuff out of the cardbox. A few times the crafty little creature attempted to escape out of the box by stepping on Jonathan Kee’s pen but then we managed to push it back into the cardbox. I keep screaming as I am in great fear that the filthy little thing would crawl across the floor and onto my table. Yucks.

Finally Jonathan came back to class after a tiring street soccer match. I immediately evacuated my seat, which is directly on his left, in case he was so frightened that he slammed on side of the cardbox and the mole would go flying across the classroom (don’t forget the see-saw theory). Disappointingly, he looked somehow stunned but not very shocked when he saw that mole on his table.

Argh, the plan failed!

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