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O Level Results Are Out

To those who’d taken the ‘O’ Level Exams last year and worked real hard would have been crying in joyful tears after knowing that they got such a brilliant result.

Today is the day where a lot of people have been longed of. They are the teachers, the examinees and also we juniors who have not even take the exams before. At 12.00pm, we people have been gathering in my school’s Kah Kee Hall, waiting for our dearest principal Mr Hon to address us and comment about the O Level Results.

The entire school population + JC1 seniors @ Kah Kee Hall!

Good news! That’s what I can say. Our Maths average MSG is 1.07 (1.08 last year) and our Physics improved to 1.78 (1.79 last year)! Although there is a mere 0.01 increment but everyone is happy and roaring like crazy people and we are waiting the best news from him. Guess what? The best news to us is holiday!

According to our school’s history, everytime we got something worth to enjoy the principal would declare a school-wide holiday, and the time span of it would depend on to what extent the good news is, erm, ‘good’. Today he declared a half-day holiday, but I’m not sure whether we got anymore holidays tomorrow.

Cheers! To be honest, I am happy not because of the good O Level results but the half-day holiday we got. *Hehehe*

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