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It’s A Fun-filled Weekend!

Well, my CCA organized a Reunion Dinner at the Marina Bay place where we had a really happy Saturday night. When the chairman rang me up on Friday, telling me that we people are to meet at the Marina Bay MRT, I was somehow stunned as in my mind, Marina Bay is a piece of blank reclaimed land – I’ve been there once via MRT when I am Secondary 1 and didn’t really took a bus to tour around the place, so I made that sweeping statement that “Marina Bay is nothing but trees, roads and land”.

I was impressed seeing that there were so many food outlets along Marina Mall (a road name, not a shopping mall). Marina Bay is such a bustling place to eat and play in! I surfed 2 hours of Internet while my friends are busy playing LAN Games. For more details please click here to access the post about my evening in the Internet Cafe.

Marina Bay – a bustling food city!

We settled at No. 1 Seafood Stall (just a name of the food stall) and booked 3 tables for our Juniors and Seniors. The boss there is a lady and gave a discount of 10% on our buffet price – $9 instead of $10. Wow, she’s really good =)

Marina Bay @ night =)

We started dinner at this time (1 hour after we booked the table) and the lady boss isn’t quite happy with us, as we requested an $8 meal since we have 17 people eating. Well, she twisted her words in such way that she’ll talk about price later. Luckily we are smart enough that we knew she would definitely change the price back to $9 afterwards, so we confirmed the price at $8 before she stormed away from our table.

NOTE: The picture only shows typical hithikers, not us!

Our party ended at 10.00pm and the boarding school curfew for that night is 10.30pm. Jeffrey, Xian You and me waited for a cab so that we could reach the boarding school in time. If we don’t reach there by 10.30pm, I guess we’re surely dead as my cluster master would… (you guess). So while we are running all over the place to hire a taxi, a young women walked up to us and asked whether she could fetch us home. Wow, when did we become hitchhikers? Anyway, we are surely grateful to her, and her boyfriend!

Her boyfriend speed like a crazy guy all the way back to the boarding school. We are surely shocked but then we remained calm, while his girlfriend is busy punching him on his shoulder signaling him to slow down. We had a funny conversation on the speeding car. Omigosh, we reached Bukit Timah in 25 minutes from Marina Bay!!! That’s surely fast!

I was so tired after that I just called it a day before blogging about this hitchhiking experience. Well, I am really impreseed by their act of stretching out a helping hand, as a Singaporean!

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