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The Mentally Destructive 4.5km Run

Today is the very first Cross Country Mass Jog of my school, Hwa Chong Institution, which is the merge institution of Hwa Chong Junior College, Hwa Chong International School and The Chinese High School.

The run commenced at about 4:00pm and I started to jog at a slightly faster speed and I know that I would not have much energy left in the end so I tried my best to cover as much distance as I can before my energy wears off completely. Luckily the first 900 meters of the track is mainly downslope so I have no problem coping up with my speed.

When I emerged from the forest track my leg steps on the ex-Turf City of Singapore, where people used to watch horse racing here. Well, the track built of horses are now used by us, and the freaking track is really bumpy. The most depressing thing is that the track is so convoluted that it turns like and S-shape a few times, and each straight section of the ‘S’ track is not less than 800m!

For turning 180 degrees at the very first ‘U’ turn, I am really mentally and physically exhausted. The finishing line semmed to be infinite meters ahead of me and I have no idea why am I running non-stop. The first reason that came into my mind is that I never stopped running in the Mass Jog events held since I was Secondary 1 and I could not break the ‘record’. Secondly I ahve only two choices – to continue running, or just walk. I understand that once I stop I would lose ALL the momentum built up and I would possibly walk for the rets of the track.

Luckily my friends keep cheering me on. I am quite ahead of them so I usually meet them at a counter-direction basis (don’t forget the track is ‘S’ shaped, so we see each other easily). Thanks a lot to them who cheered me on!

After the last ‘U’ turn I saw the finishing line about 800m ahead. That was the longest journey I’ve ever ran. Although desperately moving my tired legs, the finishing line doesn’t look any closer. Thanks to Sin Hwee for overtaking me which boosted my morale and I used up all my remaining energy, sprinting towards the line.

Finnaly I crossed the white line which marked the end of the run, and my face is holy-shit-red (friend’s description) and is burning as if I am running a high fever. Rested for a whole at the Grand Stand and bought some cold drinks to cool my body down. I was totally exhausted!

Then it was pirze giving ceremony to those who participated in the competitive section (definitely not me). I decided to scram but was blocked by NCC (National Cadet Corps) at all possible exits. My friend took me on a walk to a loophole of the security system and we managed to leave Turf City at 5.00pm. Great!

Back at the boarding school my feet was swollen and red, with lots of white circles (due to strong friction, the upper epidermis is detached from he lower epidermis, creating a hollow chamber between skin layers) on my toes. I am happy that I finished the entire 4.5km without walking, but running non-stop =)

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