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Yay! It’s All Over!

Haha, everything is now over! I’ve taken all the tests and now I am just waiting for doomsday! Anyway, I don’t care about my results but I am more concerned about my ACE points. To those who don’t know what is ACE point, it means the points that are given to us if we do something self-initiated, for example, a write-up for a literature play, a movie review, interesting article reviews about wierd sciences… and most importantly the total 15 points of ACE takes up exactly 15% of the total year end result (means that 1 ACE point = 1% increase in total mark).

The class in horribly out of shape by now and everyone is panicking voer their written answers in the past 2 tests. Noisy but really fun! I think I would ont screw up my Chemistry and Biology but there is no guarantee that I will get an A1 or A2.

Happy now as all the tests are over for this term. My brain is in the [CLEARING RAM] function. All Chemistry and Biology info is [ERASED].

Cheers =)

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