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Killer Paper – Maths

Today we had Maths test and the paper was really really tricky. I would be extremely grateful if I could secure a pass =) I screwed up for Physics and then now I screwed up my Maths. Next I’ll screw up my Chemistry and Biology on Thursday. After that I would have nothing to screw up anymore and there is no more tests for this term.

First we have a tricky question asking about the bearing of a point from another.v The result is 050 degrees when a lot of people wrote 50 degrees. My class Maths pro Bing Yuan, or Borkster, GOT IT WRONG TOO. Haha, there goes his 100%, which he vowed to get from this test.

Second we got a lighthouse, 800m, 112km away from a ship, and we are asked to find the angle of depression. So a lot of people, including me, wrote as follow:

tan ABC = (800/112)
ABC = tan-1(800/112)
ABC = 82.0 degrees (to 1 d.p.)

See anything weird? Well, the lighthouse is 800m tall, and not 800km! So it shoud be as follow:

tan ABC = (0.8/112)
ABC = tan-1(0.8/112)
ABC = 0.4 degrees (to 1 d.p.)

Argh, sucks to be me! *Anyway, the Maths pro Bing Yuan got the 2 questions wrong. Bwahahaha *evil grin*

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