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It’s Chinese New Year!

A million sorrys for not blogging for these few days! Firstly, there is limited access to the Internet at my grandma’s house because they need to use the phone frequently (the modem and the phone share the same telephone line). Secondly is that I am far too busy playing and enjoying so I have virtually no time to blog. The following is a summary of what did I do for the past few days.

Day 1 – The day before Chinese New Year:

I’m on the plane!

Today I hopped on the Boeing 737-400 Malaysia airlines airplane. Well, it’s pretty small compared to Boeing 747 but it’s okay with me. I like the spicy lunch they served and sure I enjoyed the flight. I reached grandma’s house at 2.30pm and slept for the entire afternoon and woke up for the Reunion Dinner.

Day 2 – 1st day of Chinese New Year:

Look, that’s Bukit Mertajam (Mount Mertajam) – my hometown!

This is what we had for breakfast. It’s called tsai chai, means a vegetarian meal for Chinese before 12.00pm of the New Year – marking a clean start of a whole new year!

Went to grab some angpao from my relatives and got pretty much of them! This photo is taken at grandma’s home before we depart for my uncle’s home where the real family gathering is held.

This is the real family gathering I’ve mentioned above. A lot of people and it’s really fun to be there! Got more angpao from my relatives and ate a lot – I was extremely bloated at that time.

Day 3 – 2rd day of Chinese New Year:

I spent a night at my cousin sister’s place where we played firecrackers and other fun stuff that kept us occupied till 3.00am. Picture taken at 9.00pm, while we are busy setting up candles to fuel us for further firecrackers activities!

We even had a mini lawn party, where we ate and drank a lot of tidbits and shandy. Well, the picture shows what is prepared before the party started but in the end we drank 12 cans instead of the prepared 4 cans of shandy. Fun!

Day 4 – 3rd day of Chinese New Year:
Went to my cousin sister’s grandmother’s (the other one, not mine) house to enjoy the steamboat feast. Ate a lot and again, I am bloated! Argh, it’s pretty depressing as I can’t jump around for hours.

Day 5 – 4th day of Chinese New Year:
Departed for Petaling Jaya, where my house is. Did a lot of cleaning and I was very very tired. *Yawn*

Day 6 – 5th day of Chinese New Year:

Yup, and I was stuck outside Singapore custom check center while taking a bus from Malaysia to Singapore – thanks to the traffic congestion!

And I am right here blogging! How’s your Chinese New Year?

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