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And no, I'm not a teddy bear.

Waiting For A New Year

Well, now I am blogging at nmy grnadma’s house with all my relatives gathering here. At this time we would yhave finished our reunion dinner, which means all relatives from other parts of the world to have dinner together. It is so fun here that I thjink I would not turn in that early tonight.

Well, as mom said that I am old enough this year, she allows me to sleep after midnight, while my relatives and I would wait for dawn, marking the beginning of a whole new year. What would we do while waiting for midnight? We would definitely not wait there like car-test dummies, but play cards, gamble and even chit-chatting. That’s really fun and I can only enjoy it once a year! I’m sure treasuring this unique night!

I could not write anymore as my counsin sisters are waiting for me to play a game of cards. Got to go and wish you a happy Chinese New Year!

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