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Me @ Changi Airport

Hi there! Looks like it’ve been eons (to me only) since I posted my last post – yesterday night was really a long one for me. For the entire night I was fantasizing about the plane flight expereince I am going to enjoy today morning. I woke up as early as 3.30am today morning as I am far to excited that my brain does not allow me to fall into sleep. Red light is given to a short nap too.

I was so cranky in the morning that I keep breaking cold jokes to my friend. He ran away, as he said I was uncontrolably ‘cold’ today. I decided to play Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 in my laptop until it is 8.00am when I took a bus to pick-up my brother at his boarding school.

We took a taxi to Changi Airport and the fee ended up is a shocking S$16.30. Omigosh, that was really expensive but erm, taking MRT would be too late for us to board the plane.

Now I am bloated after taking a Filet-O-Fish meal at Changi Airport’s McDonalds outlet. Bah, I have nothing much to do, as you can see from all the crap I am typing here.

Ooops, I accidentally bumped into Ms Koe (omigosh!!!), my Biology teacher at McDonalds. I saw her ordered a lot of stuff to gobble up – I cn’t imagine she is such a super-eater! She told me she missed the 10.00am flight so she is taking the 12.35pm flight to return back to Kuala Lumpur. Wow, how ‘lucky’ I am today.

Before putting an end to this post, I would like to thank Chenoah and Terrible Lie for wishing me a happy Chinese New Year. Thanks a lot =)

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