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Boredoom Killers #2

Boredoom, again, infests me after returning from school. Although I am returning to Penang tomorrow morning taking an airplane, I really don’t want to give a damn to packing now – it’s boring, time-consuming and also, hypnotising (zzz…).

Decided to make a HUGE piece of icy crap yesterday night so that the water could freeze overnight in the freezer and let me play around today afternoon. Maybe you would know how to make ice already since you’re 5 (correct me if at the age of 5 you have already invented the time machine), but just a visualized briefing to those who don’t know how to make ice. Those who know how to make ice already please click here (this would bring you to the lower part of this post).

Step 1:
Firstly, fill some sort of container (best if with the ice cube container, not the one with squared compartments) with cold water if possible, or not the coldest source of water you can find around you.

Remember, don’t bath yourself with that cold water – you’ll get fits and finally get hospitalized (best for those who badly needs to skip school / work tomorrow).

Step 2:
Next, place the container which holds lots of cold water into the freezer, not the one at the lower compartment of the fridge. That’ll only make very cold water but not ice!

Place it carefully into the freezer, so to ensure the least amount of water would spill out. You would not wish to end up with only a 1mm thick ice sheet at the second day right? That will be surely depressing! Go get some sleep and wait for 24 hours later for that entire mass of water to freeze COMPLETELY.

Step 3:
Well, after completing Step 2 24 hours ago, this is when you should take the frozen container out of the freezer. It will always stay completely frozen even though you put it in the freezer for another 1,000,000,000 years. Again, removed the container from the freezer carefully so that you would not drop it on the floor (unless you are EXTREMELY unsatisfied with the result you have).

Step 4:
At this point, you should be extremely careful with yourself. Place the entire container with the ice in it face down on the floor or above the sink – this would be very wet and don’t do it in your mom’s wardrobe. Get a cup or two of luke warm water and pour it, NOT SPRINKLE IT, over the container’s base.

You should hear lots of crack sound which means that the ice cube is detaching from the expanding container. Those who have been beaten up by your friends should be familiar with the crack sound. Push the base lightly so that the ice cube would fall out.


Congratulations! You have your ice cube made!!! Feel it – does it feel cold? If it’s warm, another congratulations – you’ve discovered a new element!

You can even kick it around the floor! Cool man! Although the above picture looks like placing the ice cube and let spastic people step on it and SLIP, but I advice you not to do so.

WARNING: The ice cube is so God damn heavy that it can be used to kill or aid man-slaughter. Please use it appropriately.

So it’s the end for the introduction of another boredoom reliever from teddY.

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