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FBI wasted millions on ‘Virtual Case File’

While I was checking CNN for some latest news on the technology side, I found some bad news for the American taxpayers. FBI wasted millions on developing a software which is currently available on the market. Looks like FBI are not always not that intelligent.

WASHINGTON (CNN) — FBI Director Robert Mueller promised a Senate panel late Thursday that he will decide within two months whether to scrap special computer software for FBI agents after a report sharply criticized the program.

Whatever his decision, Mueller told senators he believes FBI agents will have the software they need within one year.

Facing unusual grilling by previously supportive senators — armed with the report by the Justice Department’s inspector general — Mueller vowed to inform the lawmakers “two months from today” on whether any portion of the $170 million Virtual Case File (VCF) software program can be salvaged.

He also promised to tell them at that time how much additional money would be needed to complete the project.

Mueller testified that if a current test shows the project has to be scrapped, he estimates the loss to taxpayers at $104 million.

“I do not take that lightly,” Mueller said. “I am tremendously disheartened.”

The computer program was aimed at providing field agents with an efficient tool to quickly organize, analyze and communicate data on criminal and terrorism cases.

But the much-anticipated 81-page report by Inspector General Glenn Fine indicated the project was on the verge of being a complete loss.

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Whoops! That millions of dollars would have helped those tsunami victims but now near are on the verge into the DUSTBIN! Omigosh. *stunned*

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