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Borkster’s Revenge

Finally Borkster decided to take revenge! In case you don’t know who is Borkster, his real name is Han Bing Yuan and he is really getting fatter and fatter. Well, he also have a blog, you cna click here to access it. He is extremely professional in Maths so if we have any Maths (or even non-Maths) problem we would go and bug him till he really freaks out.

*By the way, he got his nickname by combining ‘Borg’ (his original nickname) and ‘Monster’ together*

What did our dear Bing Yuan did? After teasing him to be the resemblence of the cross-sectional diagram of the Bowman’s Capsule. In case you do not know what is Bowman’s Capsule, you can visit this website to get more information. But please read on =)

Being rather enraged so he grabbed the whiteboard duster in his hand and went on a goosechase for me. Argh, I thought I could run faster than him but maybe he rolled along to chase after me. Anyway, he got me and he just slammed that duster onto my uniform. That turn out as a ngihtmare not only for my uniform, but also myself. I can’t wear that stained uniform and go for the assembly right? Luckily I brought my jacket along to school and I took it with me to the assembly.

Yanmin was shock seeing that duster print on my uniform, while Borkster was there busy chuckling non-stop. Argh, feeling like grabbing a big duster and just ram it into his pimple-dominated face. Well, after that he told me that he was aiming for my face and not my uniform. Omigosh, luckily I turned around and countered his duster attack with my uniform. Can’t imagine what will happen to me if I ate those dust on the duster *yucks*.

死 Borkster 你给我记�!
(English: You stupid Borkster watch your back!)

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