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Loads Of Tests Ahead

Argh, frankly speaking the half of this week is pretty furstrating, thanks to our teachers who are so busy arranging test for the week after Chinese New Year. There are so much for me to catch up for Physics as I’ve missed 1 lesson. Well, maybe you would think that that 1 lesson doesn’t amke any difference but the fact that Mrs Loi teachers, or maybe, RUSHES through the notes very fast, leaving everybody puzzled.

Today I’ll have my Malay Language Test which I am somehow forced to take. I would have drop it early this year but my parents wanted me to get the piece of worthless ‘O’ Level Malays certificate (it doesn’t make any sense!). People say that with that certificate only scholars can study in the Univesity Of Malaya. How frustrating! I think I better work hard and get a scholarship in some other countries and not Malaysia.

Read my brother‘s blog and found out that he got full marks for his Maths. Argh, I nearly flung my Maths a few weeks ago by getting a freking B4 out of months of hardwork. Sucks to be me.

Teachers are chasing us for homework (like Samuel Lim’s IHC essay) at the end of the week as Chinese New Year is approaching. Well, a good start of the Chinese Year of Rooster isn’t what I’ve expected – it’s ful of tests!

Mrs Loi dumped lots of worksheet to us and expect us the finish as soon as possible. Wondering why Integrated Porgramme is getting so damn tiring. Who knows?

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