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I Am Falling Apart

I Am Falling Apart!

Today as according to the P.E. schedule my class (4J) and 4I are going to have the extreme torture of all Physical Tortures (actually it should be Physical Training) – the mentally-breaking, physically-wrenching 2.4km jog.

I admit that I didn’t do any training during the holidays as I just sleep, eat and use the Internet for the entire 60 days span. My stamina dropped tremendously. My best timing of 2004 was 10:57 but then my best timing this year (till today) is 12:03. Argh, that’s about 1 minute! If I do not train myself to run like a crazy bastard on the track, at this rate my legs and my mind will fail me.

The entire run, which lasts only for a mere 12 minutes really left me crazy. The first round till the thrid round was okay only. Then I started to cough and wheeze as if I’ve got bronchitis and then I saw my pace slowing down. Luckily Yan Min keep running with me and giving me mental support – otherwise I would have raised the while flag for the run.

The starting of the fifth round was the most tiring and frustrating. Thinking that I have to run for another 800m, my legs started to hurt a lot and the amount of sweat is really horrible. Thanks to our dear sun who should be sunny when it should not be sunny.

For the last round I sprinted, as time is still tickling pass. I would not want to fail, duh! I’ve neevr ever fialed my 2.4km run since I came to Singapore. I really admire my hometown people (Malaysians) who do not need such intensive training.

Anyway, i hope not to get chosen in the National Service thingy in Malaysia. I just want to have a happy 3 months. The entire day was as tiring as after I finsihed the run and I just can’t bear to keep awake during Samuel Lim’s lesson (it’s full of crap and saliva).

Tired! *That’s what I can say

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