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My Handwriting Collection

Well, writing with our hands at this technology booming era is pretty rare as we just keep relying on computers and printers nowdays. Argh, so I decided to collect my classmates handwritings these few days in case there is one day when we do not need to write anymore, when I can remember how we used to write in the old days.

I’ve got 9 of my classmates them get their writings scanned and going to collect the other 25 peep’s in a few weeks time. They write a template which goes “This is my handwriting when I am calm.” at the first line and “This is my handwriting when I am hurried.” on the second.Here my very first collection goes:

*See the difference between the first row and the second row =)

This is my (or teddY‘s) handwriting.

This is Jun Kai‘s beautiful (is this the right word?) handwriting.

This is Rui Yang‘s handwriting scribbling.

This is Fu Wah‘s the enthusiast slacker handwriting.
Notice what he wrote on the second row.

This is Wei Xiang‘s, a gymnast, writing. Looks nice!

This is Perry‘s handwriting. Cool =)

This is Bryan Tee‘s one.
Wavy alignment especially at the word ‘handwriting’.

Thi is Chen Shuang (the computer pro)’s handwriting.

This is Wayne‘s handwriting. Notice the uniformity.

Hope you enjoyed them! Have a nice day! Oh, I’m having Maths test tomorrow, got to go (*grumbling* argh I just hate Trigonometry and Matrices)!

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