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Found A New Moon

There could be another one

An amateur astronomer had discovered a new moon! Looks like we’ll have another see-who-goes-to-the-moon-first contest between the US and the USSR (stricty the author’s view).

An amateur astronomer may have found another moon of the Earth. Experts say it may have only just arrived.

Much uncertainty surrounds the mysterious object, designated J002E3. It could be a passing chunk of rock captured by the Earth’s gravity, or it could be a discarded rocket casing coming back to our region of space.

It was discovered by Bill Yeung, from his observatory in Arizona, US, and reported as a passing Near-Earth Object.

It was soon realised, however, that far from passing us, it was in fact in a 50-day orbit around the Earth.

Paul Chodas, of the American space agency’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, says it must have just arrived or it would have been easily detected long ago.

Calculations suggest it may have been captured earlier this year.

If it is determined that J002E3 is natural it will become Earth’s third natural satellite.

Earth’s second one is called Cruithne. It was discovered in 1986 and it takes a convoluted horseshoe path around our planet as it is tossed about by the Earth’s and the Moon’s gravity.

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Oh, looks like our dear moon has another sibling joining her, and I really hope that the new one isn’t a piece of worthless space junk… wait a minute, they say, ‘We have the THIRD moon…’ and the second one was discovered in the 1986?

What the hell is all the science textbook writers doing by ignoring the major discovery of the second moon for 19 years? I’m sure not informed by the second moon, as since young I only know that EARTH HAS ONLY ONE (God damn) MOON and that MOON is that MOON we always see!

Argh, what is going on?

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